S3 Chrome 430 GT graphics card hits U.S. market

About a month ago, S3 Graphics announced its Chrome 400-series graphics processors, touting features like DirectX 10.1 support, H.264 video hardware acceleration, PCI Express 2.0 compatibility, high power efficiency, and "super gaming performance."

Today, S3 Graphics tells us the first of its Chrome 400 series offerings has finally hit the U.S. market. The new Chrome 430 GT features a 65nm graphics processor clocked at 625MHz, which S3 has paired with 256MB of 500MHz DDR2 memory running through a 64-bit interface. Said GPU includes all the goodies mentioned above—namely DX10.1 support and high-definition video acceleration—and it comes on a low-profile PCI Express 2.0 x16 card that has both VGA and HDCP-capable DVI ports.

The Chrome 430 GT. Source: S3 Graphics.

Interestingly, S3 says its new card is capable of outperforming competing solutions by "over 20%." As proof, the company flaunts a chart on its website that shows the 430 GT beating AMD's Radeon HD 3450 and Nvidia's GeForce 8400 GS in 3DMark06. Of course, the 3450 starts at $49.99 on Newegg and the 8400 GS can be had for as little as $35.99, while S3 is launching the 430 GT at $59. Still, if S3's claim about performance checks out, the Chrome 430 GT could prove to be an interesting alternative to the mainstream choices.

S3 currently sells the Chrome 430 GT through its online store for $59.95. The card is available, although S3 points out that its stocks are currently limited.

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