AMD preps mainstream Radeon HD 3830

As the rumor mill talks of price cuts AMD may apply to its Radeon HD 3870 and 3850 graphics cards soon, Hong Kong-based site HKEPC has posted a report that says the red team is also cooking up a mainstream Radeon HD 3830 for mid-April. This new card will be priced at $119-129, HKEPC says, which would place it well under rumored post-cut prices of $145 or less for the Radeon HD 3850 and $159 or less for the 3870.

Hardware-wise, HKEPC says the Radeon HD 3830 will be based on the same RV670 graphics processor as the 3850 and 3870, and that it will have the same number of stream processors, texture units, and render back-ends. The site doesn't mention any clock speeds, but it does say the width of the 3830's memory interface will be reduced from 256 bits to 128 bits. That reduction should cut memory bandwidth by half, or possibly more if AMD pairs the 3830 with slower memory than the 3850 or 3870.

At $119-129, this purported Radeon HD 3830 would compete more or less head-on with Nvidia's GeForce 8600 GTS. The 8600 GTS also has a 128-bit interface, but its G84 graphics processor has fewer shader processors, texture units, and render back-ends than AMD's RV670. Nvidia may very well have some lower-end GeForce 9 cards up its sleeve, though.

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