Firefox 3 ready for prime time, to go gold in June

New Firefox 3 beta releases have been coming out on a regular basis for the past while, each time bringing a snappier, more polished, and less memory-hungry browser. But when can we expect the browser to go gold? In an interview with Reuters, Mozilla Vice President of Engineering Mike Schroepfer has at last revealed Mozilla's expected time frame for the launch of the final Firefox 3.0 release: late June.

A fourth beta version of the browser came out earlier this month, and we know a beta 5 release is expected in a week or two. Schroepfer says the fifth beta will include tune-ups to the browser's look and feel as well as further stability improvements. After that, Firefox 3 will most likely hit the release candidate stage, at which point Mozilla will continue to iron out bugs until it deems the browser ready for a mainstream launch.

That said, Schroepfer tells Reuters that users should feel free to use the beta 4 release already. "In many ways it (Firefox 3) is much more stable than anything else out there," Schroepfer stated. Mozilla's website currently warns that Firefox 3 betas are intended for developers and testers only, but Mozilla reportedly plans to revise the site and remove that warning.

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