lists B3 Phenoms early

Taiwanese rumor sites reported a few days ago that AMD had a set of five B3-stepping, TLB-erratum-free Phenom processors planned for a launch some time in the next couple of weeks. The chips were said to include Phenom 9550, 9650, 9750, and 9850 models clocked between 2.2 to 2.5GHz.

We haven't heard any official announcements from AMD yet, but U.S. online retailer has added a considerable amount of weight to those rumors. The e-tailer is already listing three of the aforementioned chips: the Phenom 9550, Phenom 9750, and Phenom 9850. Clock speed information quoted by the site corroborates what we heard earlier this week, too. The Phenom 9850 will apparently run at 2.5GHz, while the 9750 will be clocked at 2.4GHz, and the 9550 will have the same 2.2GHz clock speed as the existing B2 Phenom 9500. also quotes thermal envelopes of 125W for the fastest two offerings and 95W for the 9550.

Moving on to pricing, the 9550 is listed for $229.99, while the 9750 is at $279.99—slightly more than Intel's similarly clocked Core 2 Quad Q6600—and the 9850 is set at $304.99. Of course, AMD hasn't actually announced pricing for these chips yet, and may very well be marking them up on account of their current scarcity. If you're waiting to see how B3 Phenoms perform in the real world, stay tuned—we already have one in our labs, and a review is on the way. (Thanks to Fudzilla for the tip.)

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