Windows XP SP3 to come out next week?

At long last, Windows Vista Service Pack 1 started hitting PCs through Windows Update on Tuesday. We haven't heard about Windows XP Service Pack 3 for a while, though. A release candidate version of SP3 came out in late February, but the final release of the service pack is still nowhere to be seen.

According to a report on ChannelWeb, however, users still clinging on to Windows XP shouldn't be waiting much longer now. Quoting "at least one source," the report says Microsoft plans to release XP SP3 next Monday. In this instance, the source appears to be a pirate archive of SP3 pre-release build 5503, which is linked on BitTorrent tracker Mininova. The archive includes a file that says the 5503 build of SP3 passes Windows Genuine Advantage checks and adds that the final build is scheduled for March 24.

Still, ChannelWeb wasn't able to get Microsoft to confirm or deny any particular schedule. The company maintains that XP SP3 will come out some time during the first half of this year, which could pin its release next week just as well as at the end of June.

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