Acer wants to make high-end gaming PC, not console

On Monday, we reported that Acer was pursuing a console-like gaming system based on open standards. The report was based on statements Acer Senior VP James T. Wong made at a press conference last week, where he reportedly talked down proprietary console platforms and said his company was mulling a gaming machine based on "open standards."

As it turns out, the company has denied that it's pursuing plans for a console-like device. Videogaming247 quotes a UK-based representative of the PC vendor as saying, "That was a major misunderstanding as JT [James T Wong, Acer’s senior VP - Ed] was wrongly interpreted." The spokesperson added, "Acer is not going to release any game console but the idea is to develop a high-end PC (so not a console) targeted at the serious gamer."

In other words, Acer seems simply to be prepping a run-of-the-mill, high-end gaming PC. Such a plan would make sense, considering Acer's two biggest rivals—Dell and HP—have both purchased boutique PC vendors in order to tap into the high-end gaming PC market. Dell acquired Alienware in May 2006, and HP followed suit with its buyout of Voodoo PC in September of the same year.

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