Nvidia postpones Hybrid SLI

AMD launched its Hybrid CrossFire technology together with its new 780G integrated graphics chipset earlier this month, giving users the option to couple the processing capabilities of the 780G's Radeon HD 3200 IGP with those of a Radeon HD 3400-series graphics card. As we learned in January, Nvidia, too, has a similar technology planned. The green team calls its take on the concept Hybrid SLI, but according to a report by DailyTech, Nvidia has postponed that technology's launch until May.

Hybrid SLI is expected to make an appearance in Nvidia's next-generation GeForce 8200 integrated graphics platform and nForce 780a enthusiast chipset for AMD processors. On the former, users will have the same choice as with Hybrid CrossFire—coupling the IGP with a mainstream discrete GPU for added processing power. On the 780a, Hybrid SLI will be available as a power reduction measure; users will plug displays directly into the motherboard so that discrete graphics cards can be disabled when they're not needed.

DailyTech says Nvidia representatives informed the company's partners of the postponement last week, stating, "We are still experiencing delays in getting the kits sent as the product is experiencing delays, drivers are being fine-tuned and sales tools are being finalized." Nvidia won't release samples until the second half of next month, DailyTech adds, so production hardware may not show up until late May.

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