Acer to undercut Asus with its Eee killer

We learned earlier this month that both Acer and ECS are cooking up low-cost sub-notebooks intended to compete with the popular Asus Eee PC. A considerable amount of information has already leaked out about the ECS device, but not so much can’t be said for the Acer machine. However, DigiTimes has tapped its sources at notebook manufacturers in order to learn a few key details about Acer’s own "Eee PC killer."

If the Taiwanese site has its facts straight, the Acer notebook will hit stores in May, and it will have an 8.9" display—exactly the same size as that of Asus’ upcoming Eee PC 900. Asus is expected to price the Eee PC 900 at $400-500, but DigiTimes says Acer will undercut Asus by pricing its machine at only $350-400. Reportedly, Asus has decided not to get in a price war with the world’s number-three PC vendor, although it will launch its Eee PC 900 a little earlier. Asus CEO Jerry Shen mentioned an April release time frame in a recent interview, where he also said the 900 would launch at $499.

There’s no word yet on specifications for the Acer notebook. Considering Shen said in the interview that Eee PCs based on Intel’s Atom processors should be ready as early as May, though, the Acer machine could very well be based on the forthcoming mobile chip.

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