Fujitsu touts ‘world’s first’ 320GB, 7200-RPM mobile drive

In the notebook hard drive space, users are often forced to choose between capacity and speed. The highest-capacity drives have slower spindle speeds, while 7200-RPM models tend to have less storage space. That trend is continuing (newly launched 500GB mobile drives have 5400- and 4200-RPM speeds), but Fujitsu has brought speed and capacity closer together by announcing a 320GB 2.5" hard drive with a 7200RPM spindle speed—the first of its kind, according to the Japanese company.

The new drive is part of a new MHZ2 BJ series of 2.5" mobile drives, which Fujitsu says is scheduled to hit stores at the end of June. The drives will all have 7200 RPM spindle speeds, and they’ll be available in 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, and 250GB capacities, in addition to the aforementioned 320GB. All five drives will have 16MB buffers, support for 300MB/s Serial ATA transfer speeds, and power consumption of up to 2.3W when seeking. Seek times will be 10.5 ms for reads and 12.5 ms for writes. Despite the high spindle speed, the drives are rated for only 25dB of noise output at idle.

You can learn more about the MHZ2 BJ series by checking Fujitsu’s specs sheet for the upcoming drives. A high-resolution photo of a 320GB MHZ2 BJ model with its lid popped off can also be viewed here.

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