A "Dreamy" Christmas part deux

Apparently, Dr. Evil showed extraordinary prescience when he spoke sotto voce of a "dreamy" Christmas. Sega has big plans to leverage the Dreamcast platform according to this ign dc news story:
Sega hopes to collect royalties by offering varying levels of hardware, software and design support to hardware manufacturers who want to incorporate Dreamcast technology into their products. So what hardware is being referred to? As previously mentioned, Sega plans to deal with Personal Digital Assistants, the next generation of Japanese cell phones (which should have high-speed communication ability), various forms of AV equipment, set top boxes and Personal Computers.
I have to cringe when they say "collect royalties" but recovering:
This last area seems to be the most interesting. Reports from Japan are indicating that Sega is moving apace at incorporating Dreamcast technology onto a PCI card. By installing this card, Dreamcast games can be played through a computer in perfect form. We're not sure how the whole GD-ROM thing works out at this point, or if Sega would be planning on re-releasing titles on DVD-ROM format.
PCI Dreamcast cards? This looks like a Sega of Japan initiative as "Sega of America knew nothing of this PCI card Dreamcast, and was unable to answer when we asked about the use of GD-ROM discs on a PC."
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