Hybrid SLI is on track for April, Nvidia says

Yesterday, we reported on a rumor that Nvidia had postponed the launch of its Hybrid SLI technology. As we've already explained, Hybrid SLI combines GeForce Boost, a technology that lets motherboards couple their integrated graphics with discrete graphics processors, with Hybrid Power, another technology that allows high-end systems to conserve power by disabling discrete GPUs when they aren't needed. Despite rumors of both technologies being delayed until late May, Nvidia has dropped us a line to tell us Hybrid SLI is in fact on track to come out next month.

According to Nvidia Platform Products PR Manager Bryan Del Rizzo, motherboards based on the GeForce Boost-capable GeForce 8200 chipset have already hit stores in some parts of Europe, and they'll be available in "mass quantity" in April. Nvidia also expects high-end motherboards based on the HybridPower-capable nForce 780a high-end chipset to come out in April, together with Windows Hardware Quality Labs-certified drivers for both GeForce Boost and HybridPower. The GeForce 8200 and nForce 780a are both targeted at AMD processors.

To use the 780a's HybridPower capability, folks will need a compatible graphics card. Del Rizzo says the newly launched GeForce 9800 GX2 is the first product to support the technology, and he adds that Nvidia plans to announce another Hybrid Power-compatible graphics card next week.

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