Super Talent unveils 'world's slimmest' 256GB SSD

Mobile solid-state drives haven't quite caught up with their conventional, mechanical brethren in terms of storage density yet, but a new SSD announced by Super Talent comes close—well, kind of. According to Super Talent, the new FSD56GC25H is the world's slimmest solid-state drive to squeeze 256GB of storage capacity in a 2.5" form factor. The drive uses a 150MB/s Serial ATA interface, and it's purportedly capable of maximum sequential read and write speeds of 65 and 50MB/s, respectively. Access time is only 0.1 ms, and the SSD is said to have "extreme reliability and endurance" thanks to error-correction code support, bad-bit management firmware, and wear-leveling technology.

Just how much thinner is this new drive than other 256GB offerings? If Super Talent has its facts straight, the difference between the FSD56GC25H and competing models is about 40%. However, the company says its new baby is still 12.5 mm thick, which is significantly more than the standard 9.5 mm thickness for 2.5" storage devices. The FSD56GC25H isn't the only 2.5" drive to be thicker than normal—both Hitachi and Fujitsu have 500GB 2.5" hard drives that are also 12.5 mm thick—but its unusual size may not allow it to slip into any regular notebook.

Nonetheless, Super Talent says it's sampling the FSD56GC25H now and that it plans to sell the drive directly to PC vendors. Pricing information is available "on request." Considering 64GB SSDs can add up to a grand to the price of today's notebooks, we don't expect this 256GB model to be cheap.

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