Next-gen Eee PCs to have touch screens, maybe GPS

Asus has already communicated a great number of details about its next-generation Eee PC 900 sub-notebook. We know the machine will launch in April at $499 with an 8.9", 1024 x 600 display, 1GB of memory, and solid-state drive capacities ranging from 8GB to either 12GB or 20GB. Asus CEO Jerry Shen also said earlier this month that his company has an Eee PCs based on Intel’s Atom processor lined up for a launch in May.

As DigiTimes reports, however, there are a few details Shen omitted in his statements about future Eee systems. The Taiwanese site got Asus’ VP of Sales Kevin Lin to fill in the blanks, and he says 8.9" Eee PC systems scheduled for May or June will feature touch screens and perhaps GPS support. The machines are expected to be priced at $15,000 TWD, or around $500—just like the Eee PC 900 models due in April. Lin doesn’t specify whether touch-screen Eees will be Atom-based, but considering Shen’s quoted May schedule, there’s a good chance they will be.

Incidentally, Lin tells DigiTimes that Asus plans to unveil its E-DT in the same May-June time frame as the touch-screen-based Eee PCs. The E-DT is expected to be the desktop flavor of the Eee, and shots of a "Digital Home System EP20" machine caught at CeBIT a few weeks ago could very well depict the upcoming desktop.

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    • BoBzeBuilder
    • 13 years ago

    Me or stdRaichu? I’m confused.

    rply to 5, doh

    • wingless
    • 13 years ago

    They’re adding great value to these little Eee PC’s with this. GPS, touch screen, 1gb ram, 20GB SSD?! If they make it into a bluetooth cell phone as well I’d have everything I’d ever need in one machine (a big ass cell phone, 1990’s style LOL).

    I use a laptop to tune my car and an Eee PC would really be handy for that purpose. I really can’t wait to see how well they function.

      • BoBzeBuilder
      • 13 years ago

      I don’t think you can play NFS with the Eee PC 😛

        • stdRaichu
        • 13 years ago

        It’s Linux, so mount -t nfs server:/share /mount/point should work fine.

          • ludi
          • 13 years ago

          NFS = Need For Speed 😉

          • eitje
          • 13 years ago

          if that was a joke, it was the most deadpan delivery over the internet that i’ve ever seen!

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