NZXT intros gaming case with six fans, E-ATX support

PC gamers often stick with bigger brands like Antec and Cooler Master for their enclosure needs, but some folks may be enticed by a new "gaming" case made by Taiwanese startup NZXT. Known simply as the Tempest, NZXT's new case focuses on cooling and expandability. So much is evident from the specifications, which list a total of six bundled fans—two 120mm intake fans, two 140mm exhaust fans, and additional 120mm side and rear fans. There's also support for Extended ATX motherboards and up to eight hard drives. In the style of Antec's P180, hard drives slip into two cages each strapped to a 120mm intake fan.

Also taking after the P180 and P182, the Tempest positions the power supply at the bottom of the case, includes pre-drilled and rubber-padded holes to connect liquid cooling equipment, and allows users to route cabling behind the motherboard tray in order to make a system's innards appear tidier. Tidiness is important with this case, too, since it features a large window on the side. Unlike the P180 and its derivatives, the Tempest doesn't have partitions inside the case, nor does it have a case door. NZXT has positioned power and reset buttons and USB, audio, and eSATA ports at the top of the case, which should make them easier to access if the case is sitting on the floor.

NZXT is launching the Tempest at $99 without a bundled power supply. That price tag compares favorably to that of the $129.99 Antec P180, although the P180 also has a number of noise-reduction features, including composite panels. Check our our image gallery below for pictures of the Tempest.

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