Far Cry 2 to hit PCs this fall

While Crytek's Crysis has been going around taking all the credit for being the spiritual sequel to 2004 first-person shooter Far Cry, the folks at Ubisoft (who own the Far Cry trademark) have been working on an actual, direct sequel dubbed Far Cry 2. According to a video posted by Shacknews, that sequel is only a few months away from release.

Ubisoft delivered the news in a developer video blog, saying the upcoming title is planned for a fall 2008 release. Far Cry 2 will ditch the island environments and wackier elements of the original Far Cry (and spiritual sequel Crysis) for an "open-ended and non-linear" game world set in Africa. Ubisoft is using its own Montreal studio for the title rather than the original game's development team at Crytek.

In the video blog, Ubisoft Montreal producer LP Pharand says Far Cry 2 will see a simultaneous release for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Pharand adds, "The team has been working extremely hard and making sure that there are no compromises made for quality [or] features on each platform." The video also contains a brief clip of gameplay from the game.

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