Transmeta IPO

Transmeta is finally going public with an announced IPO slated for next week. Despite having lost IBM for the time being, their acquisition of Compaq support seems to have them confident enough to enter the turbulent market waters (after increasing their offering price to boot).

The company -- which first demonstrated its flagship Crusoe chip in January -- announced on Friday that it is jacking up the proposed share price for its upcoming IPO by about a third. If it goes public as planned next week, the company intends to sell 13 million shares for between $16 and $18 million.

As if we needed another company with no profits to IPO, oh well, perhaps this will ride on hype Linus Torvalds generates wherever he goes... and then again perhaps it won't. So, I guess if anyone out there has some money they'd like to gamble with, this week might be a good time to throw it out and hope for the best.

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