Poll: How often do you browse the Web on your phone?

Only a few years ago, browsing the Web on a cell phone might have seemed like an entirely futile endeavor. Displays were too small and cramped, data charges were too high, and networks were too slow. Since then, however, mobile web browsing seems to have really taken off. Not only do many phones now have large, colorful displays and the ability to run decent browsers, but 3G networks and unlimited data plans make mobile surfing fairly quick and reasonably cheap.

This observation had led us to our new poll, which asks just how often our readers browse the Web on their cell phones. Some of you may be shut-ins who mostly use your handsets as glorified alarm clocks (I know I am), but we'd wager that there are at least a few of you out there who regularly use phones to check news sites, use Google Maps, or even watch videos on YouTube—at least for those whose carriers allow that sort of thing. So, how often do you surf on your phone? Hit our poll either below or on our front page to let us know.

In our previous poll, we asked how many of you planned to purchase Blu-ray players in light of the recent demise of the HD DVD format. Not too surprisingly, a good chunk of voters—37%, to be exact—are waiting for price drops before indulging in a Blu-ray player. Others will need to invest in an HDTV first (13%), while some already have a player (12%) or plan to buy one soon (7%). In total, that's 69% of voters who either own or intend to purchase Blu-ray players. As for the remainder, 18% are perfectly fine with standard-definition DVDs, 10% prefer to get their movies online, and 3% will stay faithful to their HD DVD players until death do them part.

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