VIA shipping Isaiah samples, plans dual-core version

Back in January, we got a chance to visit the offices of Centaur Technology, VIA Technologies' subsidiary in charge of processor design. There, Centaur president Glenn Henry gave us the skinny on VIA's upcoming Isaiah single-core x86 processor, which will succeed the C7 and pack a flurry of new features, including speculative, out-of-order execution and 64-bit support

Henry told us Isaiah should start shipping in the middle of the year, and according to a new report by, the chip looks right on track to meet that deadline. According to the news site, VIA has started shipping samples of Isaiah processors, and the company is aiming at a proper launch in either May or June. Henry also told that VIA is being aggressive in shipping samples to customers, and that it has already nabbed an undisclosed number of design wins.

Interestingly, says VIA is now officially planning a dual-core version of Isaiah. When we met Henry in January, he scoffed at the notion that people needed multi-core chips in basic computing devices, although he added that Isaiah could go multi-core if needed. Perhaps whispers of dual-core Intel Atom processors did something to sway the company's plans.

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