Nvidia to team up with VIA on integrated graphics

As VIA ships out Isaiah samples in preparation for the processor's May-June launch, Nvidia is also working on hardware for the forthcoming CPU. Citing an anonymous source "familiar with the situation," InfoWorld reports that Nvidia is developing an integrated graphics chipset specifically for Isaiah.

If true, this partnership is significant, because VIA already has its own S3 Chrome integrated graphics chipsets for current C7 processors. Considering Isaiah CPUs will use the same 479-pin socket as C7 chips, VIA isn't lacking in integrated graphics resources. However, an Nvidia IGP would naturally be a much more potent solution for Isaiah—one that could happily handle less demanding games like The Sims 2 and World of Warcraft as Nvidia's IGP offerings for Intel and AMD processors already do.

The purported move is also interesting in light of recent reports of takeover talks between Nvidia and VIA, although InfoWorld says VIA plans to continue producing its own integrated graphics chipset independently of Nvidia. Regardless, the move could give Isaiah a competitive edge over platforms based on Intel's Atom processors, which are expected to hit low-cost notebooks and desktops next quarter.

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