P45 chipset said to be postponed until June

Now that its new X48 Express chipset out the door, Intel is expected to unveil a whole lineup of "4 series" chipsets. One of those is the P45 Express, and DigiTimes reports that the semiconductor giant has postponed that particular offering. The P45 was previously scheduled for May, DigiTimes says, but now the chipset won't show up until the middle of June.

The site claims Intel has uncovered compatibility issues between the P45's PCI Express connections and certain graphics cards. Intel has reportedly notified mobo makers that the launch will be postponed by two to four weeks as a result. The manufacturers supposedly aren't taking this news too hard, though: the delay will give them more time to get rid of P35 inventory, which should quickly become obsolete once the P45 hits.

Very little information seems to have leaked out about the P45 so far. However, DigiTimes revealed in a previous report that the chipset will support DDR3 memory speeds up to 1333MHz, and we learned back in December that Intel had renewed its CrossFire license from AMD and planned to include CrossFire X support in the P45.

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