Deal of the week: 20 cents per gigabyte (updated)

In this week's deal post, we're starring Western Digital's new 640GB Caviar SE16 hard drive. We reviewed this particular model earlier in the week, and we were quite impressed with its combination of high capacity, great performance, low noise levels, low power consumption, and low cost per gigabyte—so much so that we gave it our coveted Editor's Choice award.

The drive hasn't budged from its $130 launch price since then, but it's without a doubt still a smashing deal. Newegg currently has it in stock for $129.99 $119.99 with free shipping, which adds up to a total of only 20 cents 19 cents per gigabyte. Whether you're after silence or performance, this drive offers fantastic value.

If you'd rather pay 25% less for 25% less capacity, you can also opt for the 500GB Caviar SE16, which Newegg sells for $99.99 $94.99 shipped. That price tag also works out to 20 cents 19 cents per gigabyte, making the 500GB SE16 an excellent deal. Both this model and the 640GB variant deliver 7200RPM spindle speeds, 16MB buffers, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces with Native Command Queuing support, low noise levels, and three-year warranties. The 640GB SE16's areal density makes it speedier than the 500GB SE16, though.

Update 03/29: The 640GB Caviar SE16 has gone down from $129.99 to $119.99 with free shipping, while the 500GB model is now down from $99.99 to $94.99 with free shipping.

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