Nvidia's next-gen graphics chip coming in July?

Earlier this month, we heard reports that Nvidia planned to counter AMD's upcoming RV770 graphics processor with a next-generation chip dubbed the GT200. Those reports said the GT200 would come out in the third quarter as part of a new GeForce 10 series.

Today, the folks at Expreview say they've learned from their sources that Nvidia has settled on a precise launch time frame and specific branding for upcoming GT200-based products. According to the Chinese site, we'll see Nvidia announce its first GT200 cards in July. The cards will include a high-end single-GPU product and a top-of-the-line dual-GPU part, but Expreview doesn't quote any specifications.

Interestingly, the Chinese site also claims Nvidia will brand the aforementioned cards GeForce 9900 GTX and GeForce 9900 GX2, respectively. If the GT200 truly is a next-gen product, and this information is accurate, that would mean GT200 cards will be part of the same series as existing G92-based models. Of course, the G92 itself is based on the same core architecture as the original G80 GPU that appeared in the first GeForce 8800 cards a year and a half ago.

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