Phenom X4 9100e shows up in HP desktop

HP has added a new slim home desktop PC to its Pavilion lineup, and the machine happens to be powered by one of AMD's latest Phenom processors. Interestingly, HP didn't opt for the chipmaker's cheapest quad-core offering. The PC vendor instead chose the Phenom X4 9100e, which runs at only 1.8GHz with a 65W thermal envelope and seems to be pegged as a power-efficient model. The chip launched at around $200 last week, making it a little pricier than the 2.2GHz Phenom 9550.

Aside from its processor, the new HP Pavilion Slimline s3430f desktop features a compact enclosure, an Asus motherboard with Nvidia GeForce 6150SE integrated graphics, 4GB of DDR2-800 RAM, a GeForce 8500 GT discrete graphics processor, a 500GB hard drive, and a Blu-ray disc drive. You also get a TV tuner, PCI Express x16 and x1 slots (although the x16 is taken by the 8500 GT), FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet, and HDMI video output.

HP doesn't appear to be selling the new Slimline on its website just yet, but has it listed for $1,046.99. The s3430f is presumably shipping already, since quotes a 1-2 day lead time on the machine. (Thanks to Fudzilla for the heads-up.)

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