Yes, today is the Sabbath but I just have to say, "holy spam!"
Gaming news / articles

  • ZZZ online Number 56 (November 5)
  • GameSpy editorial: Linux gaming
  • Tribal War on a beta test for Loki Games' port of Tribes 2 for Linux (official announcement on Monday?)
  • VoodooExtreme's 'Ask Hook' for November 4
  • Stomped interviews Pantera, creator of the "as_highrise" map for Counter-Strike

  • ApusHardware updates their Abit KT7/KTY RAID and KA7 FAQs (November 4)
  • Jsi Hardware reviews Soltek SL75KV2-X Socket A
  • Overclockers Online reviews Abit BX133-RAID
  • Inside-Hardware and Savagezone review DFI AK74-EC w/ATA-100 Socket A
  • ExamPC pits Abit KT7/KT7 RAID with Asus A7V
  • Fullon3D considers Duron 750 MHz RAID performance
  • Tech-Review reviews Soyo SY-7ISA i815e
  • The Tech Zone reviews Abit VH6 socket 370
  • SE reviews Iwill VD133 (originally published on ExtremeHW)

  • Dan's Data reviews ATi Radeon 64mb DDR OEM
  • PCRoddin reviews 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500
  • Gamers Depot reviews 3dfx Voodoo tv 200 PCI




  • Intel beta INF files for BX, i810, i815, and i820@HotHardware (version 2.60.001)
  • Winamp 2.7 RC1
  • Nv!dia beta 0.6: tweaking utility for GF cards
  • NewsPro 2.76
  • CuteFTP 4.2
  • Mr. F's GeForceX 'tweaked' driver 2.8
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