18% of businesses use Firefox, says study

Despite debuting as a browser largely targeted at enthusiasts, Mozilla Firefox seems to have gained quite a following in the enterprise market. That's according to a new Forrester Research study quoted by ZDNet, which says Firefox's market share among business users hit a cool 18% in December. The study, entitled "Enterprise Desktop And Web 2.0/SaaS Platform Trends, 2007," examined 50,000 enterprise users and concluded that the open-source browser's market share "rose steadily throughout 2007."

The 18% figure may be less considerable when compared with Firefox's uptake among enthusiasts in some European countries (one study pegged Firefox's market share at 45.4% in Finland last year), but it's still quite substantial. Forrester Research suggests Firefox's enterprise success is surprising, too, considering Mozilla "continues to expend little energy on wooing IT managers to formally adopt Firefox." The research company points out that Mozilla offers neither an official MSI package for widespread browser rollouts nor paid support services.

Of course, Internet Explorer remains king in the workplace today. Forrester Research says 79% of enterprise users browse with IE, and only 30% of those (23.7% of the total) have made the switch to Internet Explorer 7. Other browsers like Safari and Opera only account for 3% of the total user base.

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