Lenovo, MSI demo Atom-based devices at IDF

There are more than just Nehalem desktops kicking around at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai this week. Following the official launch of Intel's Atom processors, a number of hardware manufacturers have taken the show as an opportunity to showcase some of their upcoming Atom-based products.

Lenovo, for one, has released a promotional video for its IdeaPad U8 handheld device, which looks like a smart phone on steroids. According to the video, the device features a 4.8" touch screen, 3G and EDGE connectivity support, a built-in GPS, an optical "mouse," bundled office productivity software, photo and video browsing, and a built-in camera:

Of course, not all manufacturers are developing products that are quite as ambitious. The folks at Reg Hardware have nabbed photos of a couple of upcoming ultra-portable, Atom-based laptops that take the safer path of copying the already successful Eee PC. Reg Hardware refers to the first of those machines only as "Thinno," and it says the Eee-like notebook runs both Windows XP and "Red Hat Linux" (presumably Fedora) and includes a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 512MB of memory, and a 7" 800 x 480 display. Reg Hardware also has shots of another mystery Atom laptop, which looks a lot like the MSI Wind we heard about last month.

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