Apple hit with class-action lawsuit over LCD panel claim

While 6-bit LCD display panels are common in cheaper monitors, many users regard them as inferior to proper 8-bit panels that can display full 24-bit color and produce more true-to-life images as a result. As DailyTech reports, the difference between these two panel bit depths is at the heart of a new lawsuit a Los Angeles law firm has filed against Apple.

The lawsuit follows another, less-publicized one that accused Apple of falsely claiming that 6-bit panels in its MacBook laptops are able to display "millions of colors." 6-bit displays use dithering to emulate proper 24-bit color, but they can technically only display a total of 262,144 colors (2^6 per channel, or 2^18 in total) simultaneously instead of 16,777,216 (2^24). Apple settled with the first plaintiffs on undisclosed terms, but this latest lawsuit is a class action one that accuses Apple of false advertising.

The LA law firm in charge of the new lawsuit is none other than Kabateck Brown Kellner, which is already embroiled in class-action suits against Network Solutions and Google. According to DailyTech, the firm's class-action record, coupled with the outcome of the first lawsuit, likely puts Apple in a precarious position. The law firm, meanwhile, says it's taking legal action for the benefit of consumers. "[We want] to help those customers who were deceived and make sure Apple tells the truth in the future," DailyTech quotes the legal firm's Managing Partner Brian Kabateck as saying.

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