PC Power & Cooling intros mainstream PSUs

PC Power & Cooling power supplies are renowned for their quality, and our tests suggest that reputation is still well-deserved even after OCZ's purchase of the PSU maker a little less than a year ago. However, PC Power & Cooling's offerings typically aren't cheap, and the company doesn't make much of an effort to reach out to folks with shallower pockets (unless you count the firm's Dell upgrade PSUs).

Today, PC Power & Cooling is changing direction somewhat with the introduction of three new Silencer-series power supplies that have power ratings of only 370W, 420W, and 500W. All three units have 80 Plus certification, and they're rated for power efficiency of 82% with 0.99 power factor correction. The 370W and 420W models have 10 drive connectors, and the 500W part is outfitted with 13 connectors, including six for Serial ATA drives. Like their pricier cousins (and unlike most units out today) the three new PSUs also have single 12V rails.

The new 500W Silencer. Source: PC Power & Cooling.

PC Power & Cooling already has product pages on its online store for the new 370W, 420W, and 500W Silencer models, but the units are out of stock and no prices are displayed. According to those pages, the units are all covered with five-year warranties. That's not quite as impressive as the seven-year warranties PC Power & Cooling offers on some of its high-end models, but it's still at least a couple of years longer than what's provided by most mainstream PSU makers.

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