Sunday Shortbread


  1. Microsoft's CEO sets deadline for Yahoo deal
  2. Judge issues stay in 'Vista capable' lawsuit
  3. InfoWorld reports that Microsoft to unveil 'Stirling' at this week's RSA security conference
  4. Ars Technica's editorial on the next Windows: the perils of going modular
  5. DailyTech reports that N-Gage Go Live full application now online
  6. Tech ARP updates x264HD benchmark to rev. 2.0
    and Core 2 performance comparison guide to rev. 2.4
  7. PCGH benchmarks TransGaming's SwiftShader with 3DMark, Crysis, and Call of Duty (in German)
  8. Gamasutra on EA's decision to go free-to-play: Battlefield Heroes' producer speaks
  9. bit-tech shares Battlefield: Bad Company beta impressions

  1. AnandTech has post cards from the edge—AMD 780G,
    Nvidia 790i, and Gigabyte 680i (motherboard testing rant)
  2. HardwareZone pits smartphones versus UMPCs: mobility meets mobility
  3. 3dGameMan reviews Tagan Icy Box NAS4220 server
  4. bit-tech reviews LanCool Metal Boned K7 case
  5. BurnOutPC reviews Nexus HXR-5500 heatpipe memory cooler
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