The Slot 1 converter for the new millennium

I figured the new millennium had everything else, why not a Slot 1 converter? And what better choice than Iwill's new converter? This thing slices, dices, does Coppermines, and Celerons. Dandy Andy at BXBoards has reviewed it. Here's Andy on the thing's major features:
While this unit is designed from the ground up to support Coppermine overclocking, backwards compatibility with Celerons has not been forgotten. Jumper 8 on the unit configures the card into either PPGA (Celeron) or FCPGA (Pentium IIIE). One size of convertor card really does fit both variants on the Socket 370 theme. Very nice indeed! Additionally, the unit also features forward compatibility with Cyrix forthcoming Socket370 chip, codenamed "Jupiter" and jumper 9 on the board configures between Cyrix and Intel compatibility.
Help Andy in his crusade to keep current; host a pair of overclocked PIIIEs on a BX board.
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