Kevin Mitnick on MS October surprise

What is great about this country is that we can reinvent ourselves. Welcome to the light side, Kevin Mitnick. WinInfo is reporting that the notorious hacker is disputing Microsoft's constant revision of their break-in:
"We were aware of it immediately when it began," a Microsoft spokesman said. "We tracked the hacker in real time, and knew what the person was doing." Mitnick says this is ridiculous, as any hacker accessing source code would be immediately booted off the system. The FBI, which is examining Microsoft's computers this week, would not corroborate Microsoft's new version of the story. But security experts say that Microsoft's private actions--including shutting down all 38,000 employees' remote access to the internal network--speak volumes. If the company were so sure that it had a handle on the situation that early, this action would not have been required.
Deja vu all over again. Only a week later, a Dutch hacker named 'Dmitiri' managed to hack Microsoft. Read that story here. Speaking of M$, there appears a new "tax" proposal for college students using MS 'ware according to this osOpinion article:
On Wednesday, November 1st, the University of Maryland Diamondback reported on a proposal to charge a $20 per semester fee to all students in exchange for Microsoft products being given free to all students at the University. On the surface, this may seem an enticing deal, but soon the "Microsoft tax" looks very sketchy.
No taxation without representation.
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