Best Buy starts selling Windows-powered Eee PCs

Barely more than a month after Asus’ official announcement—and a couple of days ahead of the rumored April 9 release date—Eee PC laptops pre-loaded with Windows XP have quietly popped up on Best Buy’s online retail site.

Best Buy lists both the Pearl White and Galaxy Black flavors of the new machine at $399.99, which is the same price tag Asus slaps on Linux-based Eee PC 4G models. Similarities don’t end there, either, because the new notebooks have respective EEEPC4G-W010X and EEEPC4G-BK010X model numbers, and they have the same specs as their Linux brethren: 7″ 800 x 480 displays, 900MHz Intel Celeron processors, 512MB of DDR2 RAM, 4GB of solid-state storage, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, 100Mbps Ethernet, and integrated cameras. However, instead of Xandros Linux and, the new Eee PCs come pre-loaded with Windows XP Home Edition and Microsoft’s Work’s productivity suite.

Best Buy quotes a one-business-day lead time on both the EEEPC4G-W010X and EEEPC4G-BK010X, suggesting they’re in stock and ready to ship. We have one of these in our labs and will have a full report for you soon.

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    • indeego
    • 12 years ago

    After patching, you can stop the automatic updates service, and safely delete everything in c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution , then restart AU.

    c:\windows\ anything starting with “$”

    That should clean up several hundred meg right off the batg{<.<}g Course when SP3 is integrated with XP this won't really be necessaryg{<.<}g

    • Jeffery
    • 12 years ago

    How much free space is left from the custom Xandros install? If I bought an EeePC I would probably install something like DSL or Xubuntu on it to free up as much space as possible, while, being the power user that I am, maintaining the versatility of a fully fledged OS.

      • ludi
      • 12 years ago

      There’s just about 2GB free on my 4G Surf, keeping in mind that the formatted capacity of a 4GB space is about 3.7GB.

    • swaaye
    • 12 years ago

    XP on a 4 gig drive must leave a few hundred megs of free space. Waiting patiently for the >x480 screen.

    Win9x would be decent on these, and 4 gigs would be quite ok. Apparently though there are no Intel SATA drivers for 9x so you can’t use the internal drive. And no wireless drivers.

    They just really need 8 gigs. And maybe build a CF slot into the thing so I can add a huge CF card as another drive. Dump the goofy webcam and give me 8 gigs and a bigger LCD ! 🙂

      • mikefitz
      • 12 years ago

      i have xp pro, office 07, and probably about 10 other apps installed with about 1gb free….

      • UberGerbil
      • 12 years ago

      The LaptopMag review I posted says the OS takes 1.8GB; it’s unclear how “stripped” that is (it’s been a while since I compared the size of a “normal” XP install to an nLite one) but it apparently includes Works as well. They also say something about ASUS bundling a 4GB SD card, which isn’t exactly optimal but would certainly be cheaper than using an 8GB SSD.

        • echo_seven
        • 12 years ago

        Immediately upon installing XP on mine, I had about 900 MB free. This turned out to be largely the fault of the swap file, which had become huge because I had upgraded the RAM to 2GB. After tuning down the size of the swap file, I ended up with about 2.1 GB free. I didn’t do any stripping down of Windows, just a regular CD install.

        • swaaye
        • 12 years ago

        CF would be my slot of choice. CF cards are IDE devices and even do DMA.

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