Hackers play Quake 3 multiplayer on iPod touch

Who said the iPhone (and its phone-less cousin, the iPod touch) weren't capable gaming devices? Hackers over at the HermitWorks blog say they've succeeded in porting id Software's Quake 3: Arena to the iPod touch. Their explanation of how they achieved the port is rather short, stating only, "Scott grabbed the icculus source and with a few modifications had it running pretty quick." However, a YouTube video of Q3A in action on the iPod touch reveals many more details:

Not only does the game appear to run relatively smoothly (albeit with reduced graphical detail), but it's connected to another Q3A-running iPod touch in multiplayer mode, and the hackers' improvised control scheme makes the game look reasonably playable. In the video, a tester simply tilts the iPod in the desired direction to move forward, backward, left, or right. As for shooting, that's achieved simply by tapping the screen once.

The HermitWorks folks haven't released their port yet, but this demo suggests both the iPhone and iPod touch could indeed be suitable devices for multiplayer 3D first-person shooters. (Thanks to Joystiq for the tip.)

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