iPhone to get 3G connectivity in two months

At an executive summit last week, Wall Street Journal technology columnist Walt Mossberg let slip a nugget of information about the release schedule for a yet-unannounced iPhone with 3G connectivity. As News.com reports, Mossberg stated in passing in a lengthy monologue about U.S. broadband and online video distribution that a 3G iPhone would be out "in 60 days."

According to News.com, that schedule coincides with that of Apple's 2008 Worldwide Developers Conference, which will take place from June 9 to June 13 in San Francisco—roughly two weeks before the one-year anniversary of the iPhone's U.S. launch. Mossberg's prediction has weight, considering he was one of the first to review the original iPhone and is known as an evangelist of Apple hardware and software.

A clip of Mossberg's talk can be viewed on Beet.TV, and the part about the iPhone comes roughly six and a half minutes in. Other noteworthy segments include Mossberg chastizing Verizon for calling its 768Kbps ADSL service "broadband" and proclaiming that "we [in the United States] really suck at broadband. We have terrible, terrible broadband."

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