AMD 760 revision expected on Nov. 6

Some of you were not happy with this link comparing the Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz with the Athlon 1.2 GHz with DDR memory. Catcalls, hisses, and something about fertilizer. Alrighty, now. Hopefully, we can put the AMD 760 chipset rumors to rest with this report from Real World Technologies:
Three large motherboard manufacturers who have announced products informed us that they have no information on any AMD 760 chipset problems. One mentioned that a new chipset revision was due out on Monday, Oct. 6, which fixes some heat related problems. Another mentioned that there were some AGP 4x issues that had to be worked out earlier, but there is no problem with this currently, as far as they are aware.
With an added note:
This item edited at 7:22am PST on Nov 3. The date of the new chipset revision is due Nov.6, not Oct. 6 as reported above
Coupled togerther with the FiringSquad article, the upshot is that we can expect a minor revision of the AMD 760 tomorrow. Just a little bump in the road. Dean Kent used to be a reseller and is a source that all of us can trust. They also have some information on the limited availability of the i850 and DDR memory being the "IT" thing on their front page.
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