55nm 'GeForce 9800 GT' launch set for July

Although there isn't much consistency in what the rumor mill grinds out about the yet-unannounced "GeForce 9800 GT" from Nvidia, all reports seem to agree on one thing: it's coming relatively soon. When we first heard about the graphics card, word was that it would appear in the March-April time frame. Today, we see VR-Zone has learned the card is in fact scheduled to come out in July.

VR-Zone's report makes a decent amount of sense, though, because it asserts the 9800 GT will be based on a 55nm version of the existing G92 graphics processor. The current, 65nm version lies at the heart of today's GeForce 8800 GT, as those who've read our review will know. We already heard whispers that Nvidia will put the G92 on a diet later this year as part of a counterattack against AMD's next-generation RV770 GPU, the launch of which recent reports peg in the late second quarter.

According to VR-Zone, the slimmed-down, 55nm G92 will be dubbed G92b, and it will debut in the same time frame as "GeForce 9900"-series high-end graphics cards based on a new, next-generation GT200 graphics processor—presumably the second part of Nvidia's riposte.

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