Another AMD executive stepping down?

Although his departure generated a substantial amount of publicity last week, former AMD CTO Phil Hester isn't the only high-level executive to exit the processor maker. A report at Fudzilla claims that AMD's Corporate VP of Strategic Marketing, Bob Brewer, "will help Phil Hester . . . with his luggage."

We haven't seen any other sources report on this new departure yet, so we suggest taking it with a grain of salt. Still, Fudzilla points out that both Brewer's and Hester's departures could very well be tied to the problems AMD encountered in getting its quad-core Opteron and Phenom processors out the door. "If you think about it, these two top guys would be the ones that might be held responsible for the K10 delays and its fiasco," the rumor site elaborates.

Both reports come in the wake of AMD's announcement of mass layoffs, which will see 10% of chipmaker's work force leave the company by the end of the third quarter of this year. Various news sources have estimated the layoffs will hit around 1,650 employees in total.

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