Poll: Who will be the top discrete GPU maker in 2012?

Graphics are a hot topic among hardware makers lately. Intel is planning a new discrete graphics processor, both AMD and Intel want to squeeze GPU cores into their next-generation CPUs, and Nvidia claims spending on GPUs will increase dramatically in the coming years.

So, with three major players soon to be in the race, who do you think will be the top dog for discrete graphics (i.e. desktop graphics cards and notebook graphics modules) in four years? Will Nvidia retain its dominance, will Intel capture the lead, or will AMD manage to claw its way back to the top? You can share your thoughts by hitting our new poll, either below or on our front page.

In our previous poll, we asked you how often you browse the web on your mobile phone. Not too surprisingly, almost two thirds of TR readers who voted say they don't surf on their phone at all. However, 11% said they do so every day, 8% do a few times each week, 2% do once a week, and another 3% do a few times a month. That's almost a quarter of readers who surf on the go with some regularity.

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