MSI rolls out seven AMD 780-series motherboards

A few weeks after the launch of new B3-stepping AMD Phenom processors, MSI has unveiled a host of new motherboards based on AMD's latest integrated graphics chipsets, the 780 series. The seven new MSI motherboards include K9A2GM-FIH, K9A2GM-FIH-S, and K9A2VM-FIH offerings, which all feature HDMI video output and two FireWire ports. The "GM" models are based on the AMD 780G chipset and include Radeon HD 3200 graphics (the FIH-S also has solid-state capacitors), while the "VM" mobo has a 780V chipset and Radeon HD 3100 graphics.

Moving further down MSI lineup, the K9A2GM-FD and K9A2VM-FD models mirror the aforementioned K9A2GM-FIH and K9A2VM-FIH, but with DVI display outputs instead of HDMI. Last, but not least, MSI offers 780G-based K9A2GM-F V2 and 780V-based K9A2GM-F V2 motherboards that only have VGA output and lack FireWire ports.

The flagship K9A2GM-FIH. Source: MSI.

All seven offerings feature micro-ATX form factors and support for quad-core Phenom processors, HyperTransport 3.0, DDR2-1066 memory, PCI Express 2.0 connectivity, and Hybrid CrossFire X multi-GPU technology that teams discrete and integrated graphics. The 780G-based models with integrated Radeon HD 3200 graphics also feature AMD's Universal Video Decoder, which offloads the bulk of high-definition H.264 video decoding to the IGP. You can check out our review of the 780G chipset for more information.

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