More 'GeForce 9800 GT' specifications leak out

Earlier this week, VR-Zone started talking about an upcoming "GeForce 9800 GT" graphics card from Nvidia, saying its GPU would be a version of the existing G92 (which powers the GeForce 8800 GT) based on 55nm process technology instead of 65nm. Today, the VR-Zone crew is back with more details.

VR-Zone reiterates that the 9800 GT is due in July and adds that Nvidia will launch versions with 512MB and 256MB of memory. The 512MB model's memory will run at 975MHz (for an effective 1950MHz), while the 256MB part will have 900MHz RAM. VR-Zone goes on to say Nvidia hasn't settled on a core clock speed quite yet, but that the cards will likely be clocked higher than the 8800 GT's stock 600MHz. 9800 GT cards will also reportedly support Hybrid Power, a feature that will allow the GPU to shut itself off to save power on future nForce enthusiast motherboards with integrated graphics.

The folks over at DigiTimes partly corroborate VR-Zone's report by saying the 55nm shrink of the G92 is indeed scheduled for July. DigiTimes also mentions that Nvidia is planning to launch a GeForce 9600 GSO graphics card in order to compete with AMD's sub-$150 offerings. Supposedly, that 9600 GSO will be nothing more than a re-branded version of the existing GeForce 8800 GS.

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