id Software's Kevin Cloud gives an update on id Tech 5

During an interview with Shacknews about the upcoming Xbox 360 port of class-based multiplayer shooter Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, id Software co-owner Kevin Cloud gave a brief update on what's going on with id Tech 5, the studio's next major game engine.

According to Cloud, id is currently in the process of preparing id Tech 5 for third parties interested in licensing it, and things are "moving along great." Cloud notes that id has the engine running on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 at "60 hertz" and that it looks "really good" on all three platforms.

Because id Tech 5 applies megatexture technology to the entire game world, all texturing can be unique—a feature that allows for a look "you just can't get in any other game," according to Cloud. He elaborates, "Once you see it you go '[expletive], I have not seen that anywhere else.' We're really proud of what we've put together there."

You can check out id Tech 5 in action by hitting Shacknews' news post about Rage, id Software next game. Rage should be the first title to showcase id Tech 5 in all its megatextured glory.

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