Isaiah beats Atom in early ALU, FPU benchmarks

VIA processors are hardly famed for their performance, and current VIA C7 processors often lag well behind offerings from AMD and Intel. However, VIA's next-generation Isaiah microprocessor looks like it could be a tough competitor for Intel's newly launched Atom.

German website claims to have test results that compare Intel Atom, Intel Celeron M, VIA Isaiah, and VIA C7 processors in the CrystalMark 2004R3 benchmark. According to the description on the benchmark's website, CrystalMark is capable of testing the performance of processors' arithmetic-and-logic and floating-point units as well as memory, storage, and graphics. tested only ALU and FPU performance, and in both benchmarks, Isaiah outperformed the Atom and C7 chips clock-for-clock. Isaiah also beat the 1.6GHz Celeron M in the ALU test, although the Celeron turned out to be the fastest of the bunch in the FPU test. These benchmarks may not necessarily reflect real-world performance, but they suggest Isaiah could very well have what it takes to give Atom a run for its money in low-end laptops and desktops. Atom's lilliputian power envelope could still give it an edge in mobile Internet devices and the like, though.

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