MSI breaks Wind sub-notebook details

The Wind sub-notebook. Source: MSI.

Another notebook that made its first appearance in early March is the Wind, MSI's upcoming Atom-based Eee PC killer. MSI has now officially launched the machine, and the announcement on the company's website reveals a few key details.

According to MSI, the Wind will weigh in at "approximately 1 kilogram," or around 2.2lbs, and will feature 8.9" to 10" displays with LED backlighting and a resolution of 1024 x 600—the same as that of Asus' Eee PC 900, which also has an 8.9" screen.

Unlike the Eee, though, the Wind will be outfitted with a full-blown 2.5" hard drive packing 80GB of storage space. The hard drive may compromise the system's battery life and ruggedness somewhat, but some users could find the added storage headroom to be a welcome change from the Eee's 2-4GB (and soon 2-20GB) flash modules.

In addition, MSI says it has gone to extra lengths to make the Wind's keyboard ergonomically pleasing, ensuring a 17.5-mm key size—about the same as what you'll find in regular laptop keyboards and larger than the Eee's comparatively cramped keys. Whispers from the rumor mill also hint that the Wind will include Atom processors, 1GB of RAM, and either Linux or Windows operating systems, but MSI's official announcement doesn't mention those.

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