AMD Athlon 750MHz enters the Gateway on Monday

The word on the street is that AMD will announce a 750MHz version of their Athlon processor on Monday, allowing them to regain the MHz lead in the all-important "speed race the media can understand" sweeps. The rumor was widely reported and has now been confirmed by AMD. I enjoyed the analyst "text bites" in the TechWeb story best, because of what it says about AMD's position in the MHz race:
"Athlon clearly has a lot of room in the architecture to scale, and AMD's 0.18-micron process will allow the silicon to easily reach 800 MHz," Brookwood said. "Increasing the speed grades is mostly a matter of when AMD decides it wants to print a new box and label new packages."
Sounds to me like AMD is sitting in the fabled catbird seat, folks.

Furthermore, the AMD's success in producing and scaling up the Athlon may have brought them a design win with Gateway. IBM, Compaq, and other big names have been using AMD processors for a while now, but winning a spot in the top end of a big direct PC vendor's lineup is a milestone.

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