High-end Gigabyte P45 mobo sports huge cooler

We happened upon several pictures of one of Gigabyte's upcoming P45 Express-based motherboards last week. Today, TweakTown has posted shots of another P45 board, and that particular model clearly seems to be aimed at the overclocker crowd.

A quick glance at the board, which is dubbed EP45 Extreme, shows a massive cooling system that covers the north bridge, south bridge, and processor power circuitry. The cooler looks to be made of copper, and its various heat pipes connect to a massive heatsink that sits above the top PCI slot and looks to be about the same length as a graphics card. According to TweakTown, the EP45 Extreme is meant to be a low-volume, top-shelf product similar to the X48 Express-based Foxconn BlackOps motherboard.

Looking beyond the humongous cooling system, the EP45 Extreme features three physical PCI Express x16 slots, three 32-bit PCI slots, dual Ethernet controllers (presumably of the Gigabit kind), four DDR2 memory slots, and—somewhat surprisingly for a high-end board—only six 300MB/s Serial ATA ports. The board also has 12-phase pulse width modulation and all-solid-state capacitors.

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