Radeon HD 4850, 4870 due next month?

AMD's next-generation graphics processor refresh may be only a few weeks away, according to a report on Hardware-Infos. The German website claims to have gotten hold (translation here) of launch time frames, specifications, and prices for upcoming Radeon HD 4000-series graphics cards based on a new AMD RV770 GPU.

Starting at the high end, Hardware-Infos says the "Radeon HD 4870" will feature have 480 stream processors, an 850MHz core speed, 1GB of 1935MHz GDDR5 RAM (that's a 3870MHz "effective" speed), and a 256-bit memory interface. Supposedly, this card will launch in May at $349 alongside a $269 Radeon HD 4850. The Radeon HD 4850 will share its high-end cousin's stream processor count, memory type, and memory interface width, Hardware-Infos claims, but it will have lower core and memory speeds of 650MHz/1728MHz and only 512MB of RAM.

Both cards will be joined at an undertemined date by a version of the Radeon HD 4850 with lower-clocked GDDR3 memory and specifications otherwise similar to the GDDR5-based 4850. Hardware-Infos quotes neither a price nor a launch time frame for that particular model.

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