Micro$oft and Transmeta's new baby

Looks like the unlikely couple are in bed together. Sure is hard to see Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds collaborating on something. ZDNet has the story on the "Tablet PC":
The Tablet PC is a portable screen-based device, likely to be about the size of a legal-size pad of paper. In theory, the tablet will provide computing functionality similar to that of a notebook PC, but offer new features as well. It is likely the Tablet PC will adopt a new voice user interface at some point as well.

The device will likely be based on the embedded version of Microsoft's NT-kernel-based operating system, possibly some iteration of its forthcoming Whistler product. Tablet prototypes, sources said, have been built with Transmeta's low-power Crusoe processor.

There are some obstacles to bringing something like this to market. The Tablet PC will have to compete with notebooks and PDAs but more troublesome is the user interface. There will have to be voice recognition software package that are capable enough. What are we up to now, 90% or 95% voice recognition? Gates will be demonstrating this product during his keynote address at Comdex.
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