Ubuntu Linux 8.04 goes gold, becomes available

The latest release of Canonical’s hugely popular Ubuntu Linux distribution is available at last. The 700MB Ubuntu 8.04 installer disc image can be grabbed in desktop, server, 32-bit, and 64-bit flavors right from the Ubuntu website, which points to various download mirrors across the globe.

On the menu for the new distro are updated versions of core software tools and services, such as the Linux 2.6.24 kernel, Gnome 2.22 desktop environment, Xorg 7.3 window system, Firefox 3 Beta 5 web browser, and more. Ubuntu fans will also find a few new apps in the mix, like the PulseAudio sound server, Transmission BitTorrent client, Vinagre remote desktop client, Brasero CD/DVD burning utility, and Wubi.

Wubi is perhaps Ubuntu 8.04’s most interesting feature, since it lets folks install the operating system without having to go through the hassle of partitioning their hard drive or overwriting Windows. With Wubi, Ubuntu installs through a standard Windows installer in a directory on the Microsoft file system, and it can be uninstalled from the Windows control panel like any old desktop application.

You can run through Ubuntu 8.04’s new features in more detail (and with pretty screenshots) by hitting either the features walkthrough or the release notes for the previous release candidate version.

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