Report: GeForce 9900 GTS, GTX coming in July

A second rumor site has echoed the July launch time frame for Nvidia's next-generation GT200 graphics processor. After Expreview, VR-Zone is now the one to mention it.

VR-Zone has a slightly different story to tell, though. According to the Singapore-based website, the GT200 will show up in graphics cards branded GeForce 9900 GTS and GeForce 9900 GTX. The GT200 GPU will reportedly have a billion transistors, and it will be hooked up to GDDR3 memory via a 448-bit memory interface on the 9900 GTS and a 512-bit interface on the 9900 GTX. Unlike Expreview's news post from last month, this new report hints that the GT200 won't only launch in top-of-the-line cards, since Nvidia offerings with the "GTS" suffix typically debut in the $300-400 price range.

So, what does AMD have in store to counter Nvidia's offensive? According to a rumor from a couple of days ago, AMD's next-gen RV770 graphics processor will hit Radeon HD 4850 and 4870 graphics cards in May. Both offerings will have 480 stream processors, and the latter will be based on GDDR5 memory.

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