Rumor: Next AMD mobile chips to be slow, power-hungry

AMD may have a tough time nabbing design wins when it introduces its Puma notebook platform later this year. TG Daily quotes several sources, including Taiwanese moles and AMD insiders, as saying Puma will fail to match the power efficiency and CPU performance of rival Intel platforms.

According to TG Daily's report, the Puma platform's Griffin processor "will not be able to touch" Intel's Core 2 Duo in terms of performance. Power efficiency may leave something to be desired, as well. "It seems that AMD is in trouble and created a processor that actually consumes more power than its predecessor," the report states bluntly.

Luckily for AMD, the alleged strength of Puma's 780-series integrated chipset could be an asset. AMD reportedly harnessed TSMC's latest production line in order to make the mobile 780 as power-efficient as possible, and the chipset's graphics core is expected to significantly outperform Intel's next mobile IGP. TG Daily claims AMD will advertise Puma as a "balanced" platform, with lower CPU performance but better graphics performance than Centrino 2.

AMD stated back in March at the CeBIT trade show that Puma-based notebooks will launch in June. News stories from the same time frame suggest those systems may be priced as low as $699.

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